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Used AGA Ranges in Cornwall

Reconditioned Stoves in Launceston, St Ives and St Austell

Used Ranges UK offer a wide selection of AGA ranges and stoves for sale throughout St Austell, Launceston, St Ives, Penzance and Cornwall.

Oil burning ranges

Oil burning stoves and ranges offer economical heating for your home, are low maintenance and dependable compared to traditional open fires and electric central heating.

Oil is an easy fuel to store within maintenance-free tanks and is safe, easy to use and consistent. Installing an oil burning stove will ensure you have heat all year round even during a power cut.

Gas burning ranges

Gas burning stoves and ranges offer an easy to use, convenient and efficient heating solution for your home. Gas burning stoves provide a stylish and reliable source of cost effective heat for warmth and cooking.

Solid fuel burning ranges

Multi fuel burning stoves can be used with wood and other fuels such as coal and smokeless fuel. Each solid fuel burns differently so ensure that your chosen fuel is comparable with the stove you like. Multi fuel burning stoves and ranges offer a fuel efficient alternative to traditional open fires which allow significant heat to disappear up the chimney.


Used Reconditioned Ranges in Cornwall

Stove Servicing in St Austell, Launceston and St Ives

Used Ranges UK provide reconditioned range sales, installation and servicing throughout Launceston, Penzance, St Austell, St Ives and Cornwall.

Whichever type of stove or range you wish to install in your home, our experienced team provide help and advice to ensure you find the perfect stove for your requirements. Call us today on 01209 214 774 or use our contact form to forward your details.