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Stove Installations in Cornwall

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Installing a beautiful high quality stove or range in your home can produce a welcoming and cosy atmosphere that your family and guests can enjoy for years to come. A home with a stove installed provides a deciding feature for potential home buyers as many knowledgeable home buyers understand the benefits of stove and ranges for fuel efficiency and environmental impact.

Used Ranges UK provide expert help and advice to ensure you find a reconditioned range to suit you. We provide our reconditioned range sales, servicing and installation throughout Penzance, St Austell, Launceston, St Ives and Cornwall.

Used AGA Ranges in Cornwall

AGA Stoves in Launceston, St Ives and Penzance

When you purchase one of our superb quality reconditioned ranges from our wide selection available, you could save up to 75% when compared to buying a new one.

We have the following types of ranges and stoves available in your choice of colours on display in our huge, well stocked showroom:

Royal - for domestic cooking and hot water - Can be converted to oil, gas or for central heating.

Regent - for domestic hot water and cooking - Available as oil gas or for central heating .

Supreme/Nouvelle - Available as solid fuel, oil, gas, four oven and for central heating.

Used Ranges in Cornwall

Range Installation in Penzance, St Ives and Launceston

If you wish to install a beautiful, high quality range or stove and would like to save up to 75% on the cost, our reconditioned ranges offer the perfect solution. Call us today to find out more information about the stoves available at our showroom on 01209 214 774 or by using our contact form.